Lamisil taking tips

Antifungal antibiotic Lamisil is used precisely as a doctor orders. The dose of the medication should not be changed without first consulting a medical professional.

Lamisil tablets are used with water. Lamisil in a form of granules is strewed into soft food or drink (applesauce, fruit juice are not recommended). The mixture is used without saving.

The medication is usually used for 6 to 12 weeks. It is necessary to use Lamisil the entire duration of the treatment. The signs and symptoms of the condition being treated may disappear before the infection is fully eradicated.

It is common during the treatment with Lamisil to test the blood of a patient and his/her liver function.

The treatment may take several months before the condition is completely treated. The infected nails should grow again until it acquires its former appearance.

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